Day boat scallops: The bounty of the sea

Like all of the best ingredients, scallops have a history steeped in legend. These marine bivalves have for millennia been symbols of fertility and the divine feminine—the shell protective and nurturing, the interior a radiant, delicate life force. The Roman goddess of love and fertility herself, Venus, is oft carried in a scallop shell while surrounded by her signature cherubs. The word scallop comes from the Old French escalope, meaning ‘shell’, and indeed the shell has had more historical thrills than simply being the pedestal of a nubile goddess, including being carried on pilgrimages to St. James, a disciple of Jesus and the Patron Saint of Spain, where we get Coquilles Saint-Jacques, which literally translates to ‘St. James’ shells’.

scallops swim-scallop

In order to provide you with the best tasting scallops possible, in these dishes we exclusively use day boat scallops. These sashimi-grade scallops are harvested on boats that only go out for a single day at a time, not for the standard week or more. This allows the scallops to be shucked almost immediately and put on ice, rather than being frozen, something that’s not possible on longer trips. When scallops are frozen and thawed, they lose moisture, structure, and taste, but day boat scallops never have to undergo this stress. It goes without saying, too, that at Beaujolais we only use ‘dry’ scallops, which have never been treated with any chemicals.

We’ve used these wonderful scallops in two dishes and as many courses for your palette’s delight. Whet your appetite with Day Boat Scallop Carpaccio, thinly sliced scallop that’s been flash marinated in a citrus ginger blend is presented with juicy citrus and radish slices and sprinkled with crisp, green herbs for a superlatively fresh hors d’oeuvre. Follow that with the Coquilles Saint-Jacques to taste the true range of a scallop’s flavor. Baked scallops are bathed in Mornay sauce in this French classic and accompanied by pan roasted heirloom carrots and beets. Make a tribute to Venus; indulge in these jewels of the sea.