Asparagus: Eat like an emperor

Few things bridge the millennia like sensory experience, and arguably nothing provides a fuller feast for the senses than food. The cacophony of the kitchen; the bouquet of fresh ingredients, of open flame and of hard work; the spectacle as food wends from field to fork; the symphonic denouement that is that first superlative bite—such an evocative experience spans the ages. We may never know exactly the smell of Rome’s streets in spring, Read more

Day boat scallops: The bounty of the sea

Like all of the best ingredients, scallops have a history steeped in legend. These marine bivalves have for millennia been symbols of fertility and the divine feminine—the shell protective and nurturing, the interior a radiant, delicate life force. The Roman goddess of love and fertility herself, Venus, is oft carried in a scallop shell while surrounded by her signature cherubs. The word scallop Read more