Beer at Beaujolais: A tribute to what’s on draft

A beverage that can trace its roots back as far as the beginning of the agricultural revolution over ten thousand years ago, beer has continued to be a favorite drink of cultures the world over. Here at Beaujolais, we celebrate this classic, bubbly libation by making sure we have some of the most interesting, well crafted beers on draft. With only four taps, our selection is constantly changing, so here’s a toast to the ephemeral!

On draft today:

Super Hop Chick Red Lager / American Amber from Pigeon head Brewery, Reno

This robust lager-slash-amber is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. It’s hoppy front and wonderfully bitter follow will have you thinking you’re drinking an IPA, but the clean finish is quintessentially lager. All in all, it makes for a surprisingly refreshing brew with a bite.

Rye Porter from Under the Rose Brewing Company, Reno

With a touch of smoke, a hint of dark chocolate, and delightful roasted biscuit throughout, this porter is a treat for the palate. Don’t let the deep mahogany color fool you, this dark beer is not heavy handed but offers a surprisingly light feel in the mouth.

Saison from Under the Rose BREWING COMPANY, Reno

This saison, a French-style farmhouse ale, looks like a nice, light, refreshing beer for a summer afternoon, but it delivers big flavor you won’t soon forget. Bold citrus and spice come through over a robust, golden-amber body and finishes cleanly and crisply for a superlative drinking experience.

Lips of Faith, La Folie Sour Brown Ale from New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins

The puckering front of this complex ale is made worth it many times over as it cedes your palate to the incredibly complex and smooth finish. It’s packed with green apple, cherry, and plum-skin notes, and as the brewer says, it’s not a beer for the timid.

Stop by to raise a tall glass of one of these fine beers at our bar, or talk to your server about pairing a draft with your meal.